Getting Directions



This exercise will introduce you to some of the streets and buildings in Skopje and to Macedonian vocabulary needed for asking and following directions. In Skopje, the street names are not always clearly marked and sometimes you have to rely on landmarks to find your way.

In this exercise, when you see underlined text, you can click on it to hear audio. It will open in a new window that you can close or minimize in order to return to the main simulation window. None of the Macedonian phrases are translated - you can use an online dictionary, such as the one at or discover the meaning experientially by making choices and seeing the outcomes. Remember, with language learning - practice is essential. You are encouraged to replay and repeat the audio included in this exercise as many times as you wish. After you've completed the scenario, feel free to redo it, try to get lost, and try to find your way back to the square.

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