The Macedonian Language E-Learning Center offers one-on-one tutoring and the participants can choose their tutoring style (structured/unstructured), topics (grammar, conversation practice, etc.), level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), means of communication (email, skype/yahoo messenger, written correspondence, telephone, or live meeting), frequency (every day, week, month, etc.) and length of time (30 minutes or 1 hour only). The tutors are native speakers of Macedonian with varying levels of pedagogical training to accomodate the participants' needs.

To use Paypal to pay for tutoring that has already been arranged, please click here, type in the amount you are paying in the "Item price" box, and click "update."

We offer a 15-week advanced Macedonian course taught via Skype twice a week in Macedonian: one class each week with focus on Macedonian literature from the 19-20th century, and the other focusing on conversation (current events) and grammar. Homework and graded assignments will be assigned and graded. For more details, syllabus, cost, and any other questions, please contact us.

You can also study Beginning Macedonian online through Distance Education at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. The course uses the Center's materials and provides learners with U.S. university course credit. Click here for more information.