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2.4.2. Demonstratives

The demonstratives "this" and "that" are adjectives and therefore have different forms depending on whether they describe masculine, feminine, neuter, or plural nouns. The gender of the adjective has to match that of the noun.









 овој/оној човек




оваа/онаа жена




ова/она дете




 овие/оние луѓе

There is actually a third form that is often used in Macedonian, alongside the two you've encountered in this tutorial. This form of the demonstrative is often translated as "that" in English and in Macedonian takes the forms of the third person pronouns, which you're already familiar with: тој, таа, тоа, тие. Unlike the two sets of forms in this tutorial, which are related to the speaker spatially (i.e. (this one) over here vs. (that one) over there), the third form does not describe a spatial relationship but is a more generic "that," meaning "one that has already been mentioned." For example:

A: Она дете е од Америка.  "That (one over there) child is from America."
Б: Она дете? "That (one over there) child?"
А: Да, тоа дете. "Yes, that (the one we've already mentioned/pointed out/spoken about) child."

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