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2.1.2. Adjective Gender

Adjectives in Macedonian have three genders in the singular:

  • masculine (машки род),
  • feminine (женски род), and
  • neuter (среден род).

Masculine adjectives most commonly end in a consonant, feminine adjectives in -a, and neuter adjectives in -o. Adjectives made from the names of nationalities and a small number of other adjectives commonly end in -и in the masculine form, and they follow the same rules in the feminine and neuter as other adjectives. Adjectives that are borrowed in Macedonian from other languages commonly stay the same in all three genders. For example, секси човек 'sexy man', секси жена 'sexy woman', секси палто 'sexy coat'.

Some adjectives undergo transformations from the masculine to the feminine and neuter form. One of these transformations is a vowel in the penultimate position (next to last in the word) that exists in the masculine but disappears in the feminine and neuter forms. For example, тесен/тесна/тесно 'narrow, tight'. Another transformation occurs to the consonant before the disappearing (fleeting) vowel. For example, жежок, жешка, жешко.

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