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2.3.2. Adjective Definiteness

In English, definiteness is expressed by adding "the" in front of the noun or noun phrase; for example: a green car (not definite) - the green car (definite). In Macedonian, when one or more adjectives precede a noun and the context requires that definiteness is expressed, the syllables below are added at the end of the first adjective of the phrase:

  • -иот for masculine (unless the adjective already ends in -и, in which case only add -от)
  • -та for feminine
  • -то for neuter
  • -те for plural

Remember that the gender of the noun determines the gender of the adjective.< /p>

Note that because of the addition of the definite ending, the stress of adjectives will shift forward; for example: зелен - зелениот (shift from зе to ле).

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