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2.2.1. Masculine Noun Plural

Masculine nouns in Macedonian commonly end in:

  1. a consonant,
  2. -o, or
  3. -a.

To make masculine nouns plural, you have to pay attention to the length of the noun: whether it is one or more syllables long. One-syllable masculine nouns end in a consonant, whereas longer nouns can end in a consonant, -o or -a. Refer to the chart below for making nouns from each of these groups plural.


Singular Plural Variations Exceptions
1 syllable add -ови -ј >-еви; -ч, -ж, -ш > ови or -еви маж > мажи
брат > браќа
>1 syllable and ending in a consonant add -и -к > -ци, -г > -зи, -х > -си, sometimes -ел > -ли човек > луѓе
ending in -o add -вци / /
ending in -a -а > -и -j- before -a is lost (-ja > -и) /

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