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3.5.4. Seasons

The gender of most of the nouns representing the seasons is feminine, except for summer, which is neuter. You can see this most easily in the form with the definite article (in bold):

    • пролет - пролетта - feminine
    • лето - летото - neuter
    • есен - есента - feminine
    • зима - зимата - feminine

Remember that you will need to use this information when you make the nouns definite, as in the examples above, as well as when you want to describe a season with one or more adjectives. For example: убавата пролет "the beautiful spring," ова лето "this summer," студената зима "the cold winter," etc.

To express "in a season" in Macedonian, use the preposition во and do not put a definite ending on the season. For example:

    • во пролет "in (the) spring"
    • во лето "in (the) summer"
    • во есен "in (the) fall"
    • во зима "in (the) winter" 

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