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5: Past events

Welcome to the fifth unit ~ Past events ~ in which you will learn:

  1. Conversation: to talk and ask about events that took place in the past; inquire whether or not events were ever experienced.
  2. Vocabulary: daily activities, vacations, travel.
  3. Grammar: review of aspect; formation and use of the imperfect, aorist, and L-past.

This unit includes the following lessons:

5.1. Introduction to the system of past tenses in Macedonian

Aspect review and past tense introduction. Read More

5.2. Habitual and long actions in the past

Imperfect (минато определено несвршено време).Read More

5.3. One-time and short actions in the past

Aorist (минато определено свршено време). Read More

5.4. Narrated or retold past actions

L-past (минато неопределено време).Read More