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3: Numbers, time, the future

Welcome to the third unit ~ Numbers, time, the future ~ in which you will learn:
  1. Conversation: to describe your day, including what activities you do at what time or for what duration of time; how to ask for the time and tell time and how to ask about someone's age and tell your own age; how to talk about and schedule events in the future; how to talk about the weather forecast, how to ask about and express the date.
  2. Vocabulary: the cardinal and ordinal numbers, telling time and age, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, dates and years, weather, the planets, the ancient wonders of the world, the Olympic games, several prepositions used to describe time, and verbs describing common daily activities.
  3. Grammar: you will review the pronouns and the declarative, negative, and interrogative of the present tense, and learn the declarative, negative and interrogative of the future tense. You will also expand your sentences to include more prepositional phrases.

This unit includes the following lessons:

3.1. Numbers

Learn the cardinal numbers. Read More

3.2. Telling time and age

Using the cardinal numbers to ask and respond about time and age.Read More

3.3. Describing a typical day/week

Days of the week, prepositions of time, quantitative plural.Read More

3.4. Future actions, meetings

The future tense and negation. Read More

3.5. Dates

Ordinal numbers and expressing dates.Read More