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Сакате ли војна?

In English, this game is called Red Rover. Children form two teams. Each team holds hands in a line and faces the other team. One team asks the first question below. When the name of a child is called out it runs towards the other team and tries to break the grip between two children. If he/she succeeds, he/she gets to take a "prisoner" back to his team, and that child becomes a member of that team. If he/she does not succeed to break the grip, he/she becomes a member of that team. Then the other team gets to ask the first question below.

Македонски English

Тим 1: Сакате ли војна?
Тим 2: Сакаме!
Тим 1: Од кого?
Тим 2: Од (име)

Team 1: Do you want war?
Team 2: We want it!
Team 1: From whom?
Team 2: From (name)