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1.1. Pronouns

What next?

    • Want to practice the vocabulary?
        - To help you learn, go to the flash cards and a quiz at Quizlet
        - Do it in a fun way with a crossword puzzle! Click here for the Pronouns Crossword. Afterwards, don't forget to come back to the Learn portion of the website to continue your learning!
    • Think you got it? Take the test below or move on to learning how to ask about someone's name and state yours in 1.2.1. A-verbs (part 1).


Note: use Macedonian Cyrillic for the answers. Learn how to set up a Macedonian keyboard in the "Setting up your computer" section here. For the fill-in-the-blanks, provide the Macedonian counterpart to the provided English words.

Vocabulary (зборови)

Click on the Macedonian word to hear its pronunciation.