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In this 12-week course for children in elementary school, we'll learn the Macedonian alphabet as we practice beginner-level dialogues on basic topics such as expressing pain, talking about food, daily activities (days of the week), etc. Instruction will be in English and Macedonian (gradually decreasing English and increasing Macedonian as the students' knowledge increases). We will practice reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as learn about Macedonian culture through artifacts such as games, songs and videos. The resources listed below will be used in all the classes. Children can also use them at home to review the material covered in class.

Week 1

We'll start the class by introducing ourselves and reviewing how much we remember from the last session: greetings, introducing ourselves and our friends, how old we are, how many objects we see (1-20), names of animals, colors, and body parts. We'll review the songs we had learned:


Body parts



We'll also play with multimedia resources such as Сладолед (1-5), Азбука, Body parts or games such as bingo or hangman, as we review letters and vocabulary.

Week 2

We'll start with a brief review of any sticking points from last class through dialogues and then learn how to express that something (a body part) hurts:

  • Што те боли?
  • Ме боли ...
  • Ме болат...
  • Го боли/болат...
  • Ја боли/болат...

Additional resources:

Week 3

We'll start by reviewing how to express that a body part hurts.

We'll continue to learn words for овошје (fruit) by practicing with the verbs јаде (eat) and се допаѓа (like):

  • банана
  • јаболко
  • портокал
  • мандарина
  • киви
  • цреши
  • јагоди
  • малини
  • капини
  • боровинки

We'll end the class with a game.

Additional resources:

Week 4

We'll start with reviewing homework and the fruits we learned last time.

Then, we'll learn names of зеленчук (vegatables), continuing to practice the verbs јаде and се допаѓа. We'll learn:

  • домат
  • краставица
  • зелка
  • морков
  • печурка
  • модар патлиџан
  • бабура
  • цвекло
  • зелена салата

We'll play a memory game called "Одам во продавница и купувам..." where we take turns naming items we can buy at the store, each time repeating all the items we've already decided to buy and adding a new item. The first person to forget an item loses!

Additional resources:

Week 5

We'll review the verbs and nouns we have learned so far and combine them with vocabulary we already know such as colors and numbers.

Additional resources:

Week 6