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3.3.2. Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive verbs describe actions in which the person or thing doing the action is also the object to whom the action is done. In English, this effect is achieved with using the reflexive pronouns myself, yourself, himself, herself, etc. For example:

  • се миe - He's washing (himself).
  • се тушира - She's showering (herself).
  • се лулаaт - They're swinging (themselves).
  • се викам Билјана - I call myself Biljana, i.e. My name is Biljana.

Note that in these examples, "сe" remains unchanged in all persons.

For some (not all) of these verbs, the action can be done to something or someone else, too, not just to the doer of the action (subject). In this case, the verbs are not reflexive. For example:

  • мијам раце  - I'm washing (my) hands.
  • мијам лице - I'm washing (my) face.

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