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5.4.3. L-form of I-verbs

The l-form cannot be used just by itself, but is used to form other tenses, one of which is the l-past. To form the l-form of a verb that ends in -и in the dictionary, you need to know whether the verb is imperfective or perfective. Imperfective verbs undergo a change of the final vowel of и>е, and then add one of the following endings to the dictionary form:

    • if the subject is masculine, add -л,
    • if the subject is feminine, add -ла,
    • if the subject is neuter, add -ло,
    • if the subject is plural, add -ле.

Perfective verbs fall in several groups. The most numerous are verbs that undergo no change before the endings (above) are added. Some exceptions include забележи 'notice' (which undergoes a change of the final и to а), изброи 'count up' (which has two forms, one with no change of the final vowel and one with a change of the final и to ja), види 'see' (which undergoes a change of the final и to e), се разболи 'get sick', оздрави 'get well', остари 'age, get old' and others (which can have two forms, one with no change, and the second with a change of the final и to e). After the changes of the final vowel in these verbs, the endings (above) are added to form the l-form.

What next?

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    • Ready to practice with something longer and more challenging? Try this folk story about Итар Пејо (clever Peter) - a simpleton and very famous character in the Macedonian folk tradition (click here).
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Click on the Macedonian word to hear its pronunciation.
  • види - perfective verb - see (imperfective is гледа)
  • затвори - perfective verb - close (imperfective is затвора)
  • изброи - perfective verb - count up (imperfective is брои)
  • крши, скрши - verb - break
  • оди - imperfective verb - go, walk (perfective is отиде)
  • отвори - perfective verb - open (imperfective is отвора)
  • пости - imperfective verb - fast (like during Lent)
  • реши - perfective verb - decide, solve (imperfective is решава)
  • свири, засвири - verb - play an instrucment (imperfective), begin to play an instrument (perfective)
  • се разболи - perfective verb - get sick, fall ill (imperfective is се разболува)
  • се сети - perfective verb - remember, recall (imperfective is се сеќава)
  • стои - imperfective verb - stand (perfective is застане, stand up)