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2.2.6. Practice: Noun and adjective plural

To review the formation of the plural of nouns and adjectives, go back to the previous tutorials in this lesson: masculine noun plural, feminine noun plural, neuter noun plural, adjective plural. In this tutorial, you also encounter and practice the structure "not A but (instead) B": не А туку Б. For example:

  • Јас не седам туку стојам. 'I'm not sitting but (instead) standing.'
  • Тие не гледаат телевизија туку слушаат радио. ' They're not watching TV but (instead) listening to the radio.'

What next?

    • The plural of nouns and adjectives is a concept that needs to be practiced a lot. Here is another option for practicing: a matching game (click here).
    • Want to hear the vocabulary of these tutorials in context? Try this audiocast: Describing objects. When you're done, don't forget to come back to the Learn portion of the website.
    • Think you got it? Move on to learn about "the" in Macedonian (click here).


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