The materials for instructors of Macedonian aim to help instructors minimize the time spent on developing quality exercises for their students. If you are a parent or grandparent who wants to teach your children Macedonian, please click here to look at the resources we have.

The materials developed and provided by the Macedonian Language E-Learning Center are property of the Center, but are licensed for use by instructors in their classrooms for free. However, no reproduction for the purposes of financial or other personal gain is allowed. The materials include fill-in-the-blank and short answer exercises based on Macedonian literature (both fiction and non-fiction), songs, and movies. Most materials are for printing and distribution to students in on-site classrooms. No key is provided, so instructors have to use their own judgment in determining the correctness of learner responses.

If you are an instructor and would like to share materials that you have developed with the Center and other Macedonian instructors, please contact us. Unless you specify otherwise, the Center will credit your contribution on this site.




Future in the past



Aorist and imperfect


Comparatives and superlatives

Pronominal adjectives

Deverbal adverbs

Deverbal nouns

Noun plural

Word order

Definite article

Reduplicated pronouns

General listening comprehension

General reading comprehension

Noun case remnants

By topic for school-age students

Describing myself - for elementary students

At the supermarket (food, shopping) - for elementary students

Months and seasons - for any age

Carlton Public Schools (Australia) Beginner Textbook for School-age Students 

Beginner Coursebook for Elementary Students (by L.Mitkovska, V. Bosevska, T. Kabrovski) - the last page of each lesson is a workbook/homework page

Games for your students

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