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3.2.2. Age

When a noun follows a numeral (1,2,3...):

    • the number of the noun (singular/plural) has to match the numeral, and
    • the gender of the numerals one and two has to match the gender of the noun.

One and numerals with one as the last digit except 11 (i.e. 21, 31, 41...) are always followed by a singular noun. Other numerals are followed by plural nouns.

The numeral one has three forms in the singular: еден (for masculine gender), една (for feminine gender), едно (for neuter gender). The numeral two has two forms: два (for masculine) and две (for feminine and neuter gender). Since the noun година 'year' is feminine, it takes the forms for the feminine gender (i.e. една and две).

The verb that is used to inquire about and express age is има 'to have.' For example:

  1. Колку години имаш?
    Literally: 'How many years do you have?'
  2. Jас имам 30 години.
    Literally: 'I have 30 years.'

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