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Site registration information

All of the content on the website is free. However, the lessons in our self-study course and some of the materials for practice require that you register in order to use them. Registration is free. To register, please click on "Register" at the top right of the page. You only need to register once, and when you come back to the website to continue your studies, you click on "Login" to access the tutorials. Registration also enrolls you in our community of learners and you can contact others in this community to practice your Macedonian through the website. Here is a list of what you can access with and without registering for the website.

  no registration registration subscription (coming soon)
beginning tutorials  only the first three units all units  
culture and folklore texts  
children's games  
adult games   
instructors' materials   
contact other learners  

The materials are available for free for educational purposes, but the center incurs costs in producing and hosting these materials. To support having these resources available, please donate. Every little bit helps!!!