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Learners might find the following links useful:

    • Look up a word in the Digital Dictionary of Macedonian,
    • Provide a verb from the dictionary and have it automatically conjugated for you,
    • Type in a Macedonian word, phrase, or sentence and have it pronounced for you,
    • Type in a Macedonian word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, or copy/paste an entire document and have typos autocorrected for you,
    • Audio stories for children:Чудна шума

We would like to thank the following organizations for graciously providing links to our pages:

Other Macedonian language learning websites

There are a number of other online resources for learning Macedonian. Providing them here does not consitute endorsement on the part of the Macedonian Language E-Learning Center. For resources and links specifically for linguists, click For Linguists, whereas for resources for children, click Play.