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3.4.2. Future Tense Negation

There are two ways to negate an action that takes place in the future.

  1. The first is by adding не in front of the future tense ќе + verb forms. For example:
      • не ќе одам - I will not go
      • не ќе работиш - you will not work
      • не ќе живее - he/she/it will not live
      • не ќе се одмараме - we will not rest
      • не ќе зборувате - you will not speak
      • не ќе возат - they will not drive
  2. The second is to add нема instead of не and change ќе to да. This is much more commonly used. For example:
      • нема да одам - I will not go
      • нема да работиш - you will not work
      • нема да живее - he/she/it will not live
      • нема да се одмараме - we will not rest
      • нема да зборувате - you will not speak
      • нема да возат - they will not drive

There is no difference in meaning between these two ways to form negations in the future.

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