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2: Descriptions

Welcome to the second unit ~ Descriptions ~ in which you will learn:
  1. Conversation: to describe yourself and other people in terms of physical traits and characteristics; to describe objects, including possession of those objects, with adjectives; to describe actions; and to compare people, objects, and actions.
  2. Vocabulary: the names of many objects, colors and other physical characteristics of objects and people, and characteristics of actions.
  3. Grammar: noun and adjective gender, most common plural, definiteness, gradation, and possessive adjectives.

This unit includes the following lessons:

2.1. Characteristics of names of places and things

Noun and adjective gender. Read More

2.2. More than one

Noun and adjective plural.Read more

2.3. The

Noun and adjective definiteness.Read More

2.4. Comparisons

Comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs.Read More

2.5. Possession

Possessive adjectives and 'whose?'Read More