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5.4.1. L-form of A-verbs

The l-form cannot be used just by itself, but is used to form other tenses, one of which is the l-past. To form the l-form of a verb that ends in -a in the dictionary (regardless of whether it is imperfective or perfective), add one of the following endings to the dictionary form:

    • if the subject is masculine, add -л,
    • if the subject is feminine, add -ла,
    • if the subject is neuter, add -ло,
    • if the subject is plural, add -ле.

What next?

    • Do you need more practice with the l-form of a-verbs? Click here to practice with dinosaurs!
    • Think you got it? Move on to the l-form of e-verbs (click here).


Click on the Macedonian word to hear its pronunciation.
  • има - imperfective verb - have
  • нема, снема - verb - not have (imperfective), disappear (perfective)
  • плива, заплива - verb - swim (imperfective), begin to swim (perfective)
  • сака, посака - verb - want, like, love (imperfective), wish for (perfective)
  • слуша, послуша - verb - listen, hear (imperfective), listen, obey, head advice (perfective)
  • фаќа - imperfective verb - catch, capture (perfective is фати)