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2.1.1. Noun Gender

Nouns in Macedonian have three genders in the singular:

  • masculine (машки род),
  • feminine (женски род), and
  • neuter (среден род).

Each of these categories create plural in different ways, but once a noun is in the plural, the category of gender is almost irrelevant.

Masculine nouns most commonly end in a consonant, feminine nouns in -a, and neuter nouns in -o or -e. Less commonly, masculine nouns could end in -a, feminine nouns could end in a consonant, and neuter nouns could end in -и or -у. The latter endings are less frequent for nouns in general, but they are important to know because there are several frequently used words that have these less common endings; for example: father (татко), uncle (вујко, чичко), night (ноќ), evening (вечер), and others.

What next?

    • Think you got it? Move on to learn about the gender of adjectives and compare it to what you know about the gender of nouns (click here).


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