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Games for children

Research suggests that early exposure of children to various languages not only helps children acquire foreign languages more easily, but also develops other higher order thinking skills. The purpose of this section of the website is to encourage parents to expose children to the sounds of the Macedonian language through rhymes, songs, interactive games, books and iBooks.

Rhymes & games

Traditional Macedonian children's rhymes and songs with English translation.Read More

Interactive games

Interactive games for vocabulary and general knowledge (alphabet, counting).Read More

Video drawings

Video drawings of original rhymes with English translation. Read More

Books & iBooks

Original bilingual children's books and iBooks with Macedonian and English audio.Read More

Links to other websites offering content for children

When you hover over the link, you will see an annotation. To go to the link, click on it. Providing the links does not constitute endorsement of the content.

Games for adults

These games reinforce concepts taught in the self-study tutorials, but can also be used on their own or supplemental to other study materials.

Crossword puzzles

Using Macedonian and English clues to fill in crosswords and word searches with Macedonian vocabulary.Read More


Find the given Macedonian words in the grid and use the remaining letters to spell out another word or phrase.Read More


Using numbers and words to spell/sound out different words.Read More

Vocabulary jeopardy

Practice vocabulary with English and Macedonian translations.Read More

Directions simulation

Developed by MLEC, this simulation allows you to practice asking for and following directions as you walk the streets of Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Read More

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Macedonian version of the popular international game Who wants to be a millionaire. This game is housed on our website but was not developed by MLEC. Read More