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2.1.3. Colors

Play the unscrambling game to practice the names of the colors. If you need help, look at the vocabulary on the right. (Sorry about the ads!)

What next?

    • You can learn how to describe objects using color words.
    • You can practice the vocabulary of colors with this game from the Victorian school of languages: Color the butterflies (click here
    • Do you want to practice describing people? Try the skills of the amazing fortune teller Baba Vangya (click here).
    • Want to hear the vocabulary of these tutorials in context? Try this audiocast: Describing objects and people. When you're done, don't forget to come back to the Learn portion of the website.
    • Want to find out how to describe what color(s) are you favorite? Purchase our book or iBook - My Favorite Colors (click here).
    • Ready to move on to another topic? Move on to the plural of masculine nouns (click here).


бела - adjective - white
виолетова - adjective - purple
жолта - adjective - yellow
зелена - adjective - green
кафеава - adjective - brown
портокалова - adjective - orange
розева - adjective - pink
сина - adjective - blue
црвенa - adjective - red
црнa - adjective - black