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2.5.1. Possessives

The possessive pronominal adjectives have different forms, depending on whether the object (noun) they are describing (i.e. the possessed) is masculine, feminine, neuter, or plural. The forms are:

If the possessed is... (see below)
If the possessor is... (see to the right)

I you
he or it she we you
masculine мој твој негов нејзин наш ваш нивен
feminine моја твоја негова нејзина наша ваша нивна
neuter мое твое негово нејзино наше ваше нивно
plural мои твои негови нејзини наши ваши нивни

When using these, always first ask the two questions in the top left of the table above. Then, choose the appropriate form.

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