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Сол макарон

This rhyme is a play on sounds, except for the last two lines. It is accompanied by hand motions: two players hold opposite hands as if in a handshake and turn the hands to where first one player's hand is on top, then the other player's. On the "тип тип тип" parts, there is no change of position. The player whose hand is on top last (at the end of the song) "wins" the privilege of being the first to try to slap the opponent's hand while holding it in his/her hand (a game also popular in other cultures). Once the winner has succeeded or failed at slapping the opponent's hand, the rhyme is sung and played again.

LISTEN Македонски English
Сол макарон сол фередон
Марион марион
Лео лео тип тип тип
Лео лео тип тип тип
Е'н, два, три
Маваш ти!

Play on sounds....


...One two three
Your turn to hit!