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Две рачички

(with thanks to Stella Nastev and her grandma Nada!)

This rhyme is accompanied with hand motions: waving the hands on the first three lines, up for the fourth line, down for the fifth line and onto the shoulders for the next line, in front of the body for the seventh line, behind for the next line, and onto the knees for the last line. You can see the video of Northwoods Elementary School (USA) kindergarteners performing the song in January 2012 by clicking here.

LISTEN Македонски English
Две рачички
со десет прсти
имам јас деца.
Еве ги горе,
еве ги доле,
оп, на раменца.
Еве ги напред,
еве ги назад,
оп, на коленца.
Two little hands
with ten fingers
is what I have, children.
Here they are up,
here they are down,
plop, onto the little shoulders.
Here they are in front,
Here they are in back,
plop, onto the little knees.