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What is a wordsearch?

A wordsearch is a game that consists of trying to find the vocabulary words in a grid full of letters. The words could be spelled in several directions: left-to-right, up-down, or diagonally (up-down or down-up). Form another word or phrase from the unused letters in the game. Playing wordsearch helps you memorize vocabulary in a fun way.

Use the menu on the left to access each of the wordsearch games.

Troubleshooting: You have to have Java plug-ins enabled to be able to see and fill the wordsearch in. If you clicked to enable Java when you were prompted, but your computer (running Windows) is still not displaying the wordsearch, go to the Start menu (or icon) on the bottom left of your computer screen, click on "All programs," then "Java," then "Configure Java," then the "Security" tab, then click "Add" to add "" to your list of websites which are approved to ask for your permission to run Java.