replica rolex L-form of E-verbs (part 2)

The l-form cannot be used just by itself, but is used to form other tenses, one of which is the l-past. To form the l-form of a verb that ends in -e in the dictionary, you need to know whether the verb is imperfective or perfective. Imperfective verbs do not undergo a change before adding one of the endings below to the dictionary form. Perfective verbs fall in several groups, the most numerous of which was shown in the L-form (E-verbs) tutorial. As you may recall, that group of verbs undergoes a change of the final vowel of the dictionary form (e) to a before the endings below are added.

    • if the subject is masculine, add -л,
    • if the subject is feminine, add -ла,
    • if the subject is neuter, add -ло,
    • if the subject is plural, add -ле.

In this tutorial, you learn about 10 more groups of verbs that do not follow the above pattern. Some of these verbs are very frequently used, such as the verbs биде 'to be' and рече 'say,' for example. While it may seem daunting to learn this many different patterns of making l-forms at one time, rest assured that as you continue working with the l-forms in context, the repetition of the most frequently used ones will help you remember them. At this point, you should aim to just become familiar with them.

What next?

    • Next, continue to learn the l-forms of i-verbs (click here).


Click on the Macedonian word to hear its pronunciation.
  • биде - verb - to be
  • види - perfective verb - see (imperfective is гледа)
  • влезе - perfective verb - enter, go in (imperfective is влегува)
  • даде - perfective verb - give (imperfective is дава)
  • дојде - perfective verb - come (imperfective is доаѓа)
  • донесе - perfective verb - bring (imperfective is носи)
  • допринесе - perfective verb - contribute (imperfective is допринесува)
  • заплаче - perfective verb - begin to cry (imperfective is плаче)
  • заспие - perfective verb - fall asleep (imperfective is спие)
  • земе - perfective verb - take (imperfective is зема)
  • извлече - perfective verb - pull out (imperfective is влече)
  • изеде - perfective verb - eat up/finish eating (imperfective is јаде)
  • излезе - perfective verb - exit, go out (imperfective is излегува)
  • испере - perfective verb - wash (clothes) (imperfective is пере)
  • испие - perfective verb - drink up/finish drinking (imperfective is пие)
  • исплете - perfective verb - knit/braid (imperfective is плете)
  • најде - perfective verb - find (imperfective is наоѓа)
  • обуе - perfective verb - put on shoes (imperfective is обува)
  • одведе - perfective verb - take away, lead (imperfective is води)
  • однесе - perfective verb - take, carry something somewhere (imperfective is носи)
  • отиде - perfective verb - go (imperfective is оди)
  • понесе - perfective verb - take, bring something with you (imperfective is носи)
  • продаде - perfective verb - sell (imperfective is продава)
  • разбере - perfective verb - understand (imperfective is разбира)
  • рече - perfective verb - say (imperfectives are кажува, зборува)
  • се напие - perfective verb - drink till full or drunk (imperfective is пие)
  • собере - perfective verb - gather (imperfective is собира)
  • создаде - perfective verb - create (imperfective is создава)
  • чуе - perfective verb - hear (imperfective is слуша)