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3.3.1. The Week

In Macedonia, the week starts with Monday (понеделник), rather than Sunday (недела) as in some other cultures. Therefore, the day in the first column from the left in Macedonian calendars is Monday (понеделник), second is Tuesday (вторник), third is Wednesday (среда), and so on.

Here are some tips/mnemonic devices for learning the days of the week:

  • Понеделник comes по (after) недела (Sunday)
  • Вторник is втор (second) day of the week
  • Среда is similar to средна (middle one)
  • Четврток is четврт (fourth) day of the week
  • Петок is пет (fifth) day of the week
  • Сабота sounds a lot like Sabbath
  • Недела is the day you не (nоt) work (from Russian/pan-slavic делат' - to work)

Hope that helps!

What next?

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