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Шири шири

This game is played by holding hands in a circle, starting close together and taking steps backwards to expand the circle during the first line of the song, then taking steps to one side to have the circle move either clockwise or counterclockwise as the rest of the lyrics are sung. After the last line, the person whose name was called has to let go of the hands he/she is holding, turn around and hold hands in the circle backwards, i.e. facing out. When the name of someone who's already facing out has been called, that person turns around and faces in. The game can go on forever in this way.

LISTEN Македонски English

Шири, шири
весели пешкири.
Боса јас, боса ти,
заврти се ____ (име) ти!

Expand, expand
jolly towels.
I am barefoot, you are barefoot,
You, ____(name), turn around!