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Welcome to the fourth unit ~ Ordering, giving, receiving ~ in which you will learn:

  1. Conversation: to command someone to do something and to follow commands; to give and follow directions; to order food and drink at a restaurant; to describe what hurts (at the doctor's); to talk about one's needs (for example, at the store) and likes; and another way to describe your family.
  2. Vocabulary: directions such as left, right, straight, and back; the names of many foods and drinks; parts of the body and names of family members.
  3. Grammar: aspect, imperatives, prepositions of space, long and short forms of the direct and indirect object pronouns.

This unit includes the following lessons:

4.1. The concept of verb aspect

Verb aspect is additional meaning that verbs carry about the frequency or manner in which the actions are performed. Read More

4.2. Giving orders, commands

Imperatives.Read More

4.3. Describing family; describing pain

Short forms of direct and indirect object pronouns.Read More

4.4. Likes, dislikes, ordering food and drinks

Long forms of direct and indirect object pronouns.Read More