1.4.3. Practice: I-verbs

There are three types of verbs based on their last vowel in the dictionary form: a-verbs, e-verbs, and и-verbs, i.e. those ending in a, e, and и, respectively, in the form found in the dictionary. For verbs that end in -e in the dictionary, in order to form the present tense, the final -и is replaced in the first person singular with an -a- and removed completely in the third person plural. Then the endings you are already familiar with are added:

јас -(replace final -и with -a)м
ти -ш
тој -
ние -ме
вие -те
тие -(remove final -и)ат

where the - represents the dictionary form.

Note: with verbs ending in -oи in the third person singular form of the present tense, a -j- is added between the -o- and -a- in the first person singular and third person plural. You see this in action in the I-verbs (part 2) tutorial.

What next?

    • Want a fun way to practice?
        - Go to the flash cards and a quiz at Quizlet
        - Try the I-verbs crossword puzzle (click here). When you're done, don't forget to come back to the Learn portion of the website.
    • Want to hear the vocabulary of these tutorials in context? Try this audiocast: On the phone. When you're done, don't forget to come back to the Learn portion of the website.
    • Think you got it? Take the test below and then move on to learning about the verb to be: сум (click here).


Note: use Macedonian Cyrillic for the answers. Learn how to set up a Macedonian keyboard in the "Setting up your computer" section hereFor the fill-in-the-blanks, provide the Macedonian word for the provided English word.

Vocabulary (зборови)

Click on the Macedonian word to hear its pronunciation.
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