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Macedonian Reading and Writing Tutorial

Macedonian Reading and Writing Tutorial This interactive tutorial introduces the pronunciation and writing of the letters of the Macedonian alphabet. It was created in the distant year of 2005 and therefore you have to download it to your computer. (Note that all the other Macedonian Language E-Learning Center tutorials run within the web page.) The Macedonian Language E-Learning Center is working on updating this tutorial to use more modern technology and not have to be downloaded. If you are interested in collaborating with us on this project, please contact us.

Download the tutorial by clicking here. Note that you will download a zip file that you will then have to unzip with a unzipping utility. Then click on "Macedonian.exe" to open the tutorial.

What to expect

The interactive tutorial on Macedonian phonology and orthography features a brief language history timeline, a brief description of Macedonian language stress patterns, numerous examples for illustrating different sounds and letters, pronunciation samples by native speakers of sounds, words, and entire texts, and various exercises. The presentation of letters and sounds in the tutorial is based on unvoiced/voiced consonant pairs, which are illustrated with minimal pairs. The orthography is addressed by representing all the sounds in print as well as in cursive. In the latter case, animations show the stroke of individual letters, as well as how they fit into words, and within the context of two texts: a Macedonian folk tale and the poem "Denovi" by the renown Macedonian poet Koco Racin (1908-1943). The inclusion of two authentic texts, authentic cultural graphics, and maps, which are incorporated throughout the tutorial and in the review exercises, gives students the opportunity to interact with elements of Macedonian culture.

Macedonian Reading and Writing Tutorial Quiz


The project was funded by the Slavic and East European Language Resource Center (SEELRC) at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and Duke University, and was co-produced by Dr. Biljana Belamaric Wilsey and Dr. Curt Ford. The native speakers, whose voices were used for the project, are Dr. Biljana Belamaric Wilsey and Dr. George Mitrevski. Special thanks to Meredith Clason and Dr. Laura Janda.

To access the review of the tutorial by the UCLA Language Materials Project, go to, then select Macedonian (from the list of languages), Computer-Aided Instruction (from the list of definition of materials), and Beginning (from the list of levels available).


The interactive tutorial on Macedonian phonology and orthography is meant for a broad audience, including beginning and intermediate students of Macedonian with no background in any other Slavic language, as well as students who have had experiences with the phonology of other Slavic languages. It is designed to draw on that knowledge by paralleling Macedonian phonological traits with those of Russian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, and Bulgarian, presenting similarities and differences that may not be obvious even to advanced speakers of those languages. These features are addressed in notes to speakers and learners of those languages, explaining, for example the differences of the place of articulation of the dental "d" in Russian as opposed to Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian, of the palatals "kj" and "gj" in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian as opposed to Macedonian, or the orthographic differences between a Russian Cyrillic and a Macedonian Cyrillic capital "D."

Macedonian Cursive Writing Tutorial


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